Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fiber Fun and Upcoming Classes

Cleaning your studio can unearth some great ideas.  Playing around with bits of novelty yarn and ribbon, and in love with Abbi Berta's Serape Bracelet!  The necklace was something I had done several years ago but it was hiding along with some other finds when doing a clean up of my studio and classroom area.

The necklace has several peyote tubes in fun stripes and dots which look great with the bright colors of the novelty yarn and ribbon!  The serape bracelets are pictured here as in a pink print and the other black and white.  Going to make some more of these and you can too if you stop by during our Open Studios - aka Loomatiks Beadweavers and Fiber Lovers, held every other week at our shop in Cobden.

I also set up a new online store to sell our Trunk Show gemstones and other beads and items that are on clearance.  Check out the new Southpass Beads and Fibers shop on Zibbet! Zibbet is great for smaller sellers, handmade items especially when you don't plan to sell a huge amount of items.

Of course we still have our main Etsy shop!  

Join us next week for some fun - on Wednesday, August 2, we'll be doing the Textured Shale Scarf - one of my favorite patterns from Christine Long Derks.  

Class is free but you'll just need to get your yarn here at the shop. Click on the link above to sign up and see the needle requirements for the class. 

We'll do Ribbon Candy on Thursday, August 3, a gorgeous bracelet full of fire polished crystals - 4 colors! Deb Roberti has outdone herself on this one. Expect to use the whole class time for this one! 

Purchase the pattern ahead from Deb's site, Around the Beading Table.

Then on Friday, August 4, we'll be doing a trial run of an Eclipse pattern, something new and you'll learn peyote stitch if you have never tried it before. Seasoned professionals are welcome to join in. You'll need to get your beads here. 

Saturday, August 5 we'll be doing an earring and bracelet workshop. You can choose the project you want to do. Choices are many. 

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